Hundreds of years ago a great magical family, its origins lost to time, roamed the world. Sadly, all things fall apart. Over the centuries their secrets were forgotten, their books misplaced, and all that was left was the shell of a thing once majestic. The Darkmagics had become mountebanks, tricksters, and conjurers of curiosities. All of their devastating might had dwindled to no more than showmanship. Fortune left them their wits and cunning, and armed with both, they became a simple circus. With New Hampshire conquered and gone, the Darkmagics could only take to the road.

It was in this environment of constant entertainment that Alessandro was raised, if not born. Originally an orphan delivered to the circus in little more than a box and swaddling, Alessandro was adopted by the Darkmagic family, and rapidly became a feature of shows, at a young age demonstrating a proficiency for stage craft, escapology, tricks of the hand, and the patter required by any skilled performer. Through his adolescence and into adulthood the new addition to the family failed to grow to any real height, but slowly developed a show designed to confound the most skilled of magicians. Eventually, he began to tour extensively even in his Family’s off-season. It was to be his first real mistake.

Alessandro, now Rexar the Unimaginable, became a moderately well known entertainment figure, apparently performing many known magical effects with no hint of actual magical power. Wizards and witches were at first interested, then confounded, and eventually angered by his ability to vanish large objects, cut women in half, instantly heal said women, and read minds, all without formal training or patronage. It was not long before he gained enemies, and not long after that before the Imp appeared.

Rexar was “plagued” by a hellish creature entirely devoted to his downfall and subsequent damnation for many years. However, the Darkmagics had retained their cunning, and at every step the fiend was outwitted, out-maneuvered, or temporarily out of action. Rexar continued his show, it continued to infuriate wizards, and the devil eventually, after several decades of service to an unknown master, gave up. In a fit of desperation it threw in its last gambit just before leaving. And that is how Rexar the Unimaginable became an actual wizard, mid-performance. That innocent bystanders were harmed in the process should offer no real surprise.

Of course, Rexar’s career as a Mountebank has subsequently been ruined. All that he can now do is throw himself upon the mercies of the magical community, or continue his travels to find a new niche in the world. With an enormous ego, constant optimism, and new found powers to explore, there is only one real choice.

It is, of course, his second mistake.

STATUS: Vanished into thin air after being grabbed by the upper torso of a grey-skinned woman


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