Tyr Tinbeard

Middle-aged dwarven bard with a death wish


For almost 250 years, the Tinbeard Merchant Company ran the small trade route between the Dwarven undercity of Stoneden Keep and the nearest human settlement, Hope Falls. It was quiet, and the Tinbeards enjoyed comfortable profits.

Four years ago, however, the local bandit groups began appearing in greater numbers, and with better organization. The Company’s profits began to dwindle.

The company was being run by the last two Tinbeard brothers, Bale and Tyr. Bale was the numbers man, keeping track of payroll, taxes, and levies. Tyr was the Company’s public face, responsible for recruitment and sales.

Eventually the Black Company caught wind of their troubles. A representative named Dorian arrived in Stoneden Keep and offered to buy the Tinbeard Merchant Company. The brothers were reluctant, but they had no real choice. The Tinbeard Merchant Company was folded into the Black.

New armed guards arrived, and the bandits attacks dwindled. But the hired guards cut into the company’s bottom line, and the price of goods in Stoneden and Hope Falls rose in turn.

Bale Tinbeard didn’t seem to mind so much; they were profitable again. Tyr, on the other hand, spent an increasing amount of time trying to appease angry clients who felt extorted by the ever-increasing prices.

Within a year of the buyout, Dorian returned. He praised the dwarves’ hard work, and proudly announced that they were being promoted and transferred to other outposts. Bale bewilderingly agreed, but Tyr was enraged. He resigned immediately, and cursed himself for destroying his family’s legacy.

He was frustrated to see that he’d spent his whole life running (literally!) in circles in pursuit of gold. Promising that things would change, he packed up his things and set off south in search of meaning and adventure.

Tyr Tinbeard

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