Valcina was born to an elderly halfling couple of substantial means. They’d been trying for decades to conceive a child, but she was their only success, their little miracle baby. As a result, they – of course – spoiled the hell out of her, and raised her to believe that she as special and gifted and great at everything. I guess they were at least partly right; at a surprisingly young age, Valcina starting displaying innate magical powers, even summoning what her parents had previously believed to be her imaginary friend into existence. That’s Bohees, by the way.

Though she had a gift for magic, she read one too many stories about children solving mysteries and thus decided early on that she was destined to be the world’s greatest private investigator, despite the fact that she lacked not only a knack for stealth but even the inclination to be stealthy (she dyed her hair bright red!), or to listen, or to pay attention to anything for any real length of time (this was the fourth career path she chose for herself as a child, right after princess, pony and knight). Her parents – convinced she could do absolutely anything she put her mind to – paid some of the greatest investigative minds in her country handsome sums of money to teach her what they could (all of them quitting in frustration before long), and then bribed an investigation firm to take her on as a junior partner. Unsure at first what to do with such an unsubtle detective, they decided to start using her as an unknowing decoy, sicking her on targets in order to the flush them out or confuse them while another investigator watched from the shadows. This worked well enough for a few cases, but then Valcina and Bohees – smack in the middle of an investigation – disappeared in to thin air. Adding injury to insult, her quarry then vanished in the exact same fashion within roughly an hour of her. No one has heard anything about any of them since.

Valcina’s Rexar-induced Memory Lapse hasn’t just wiped her personal memories, it’s wiped her assumptions about the world concerning anything magical or (as we would see it) supernatural. It has also completely wiped her personality, leaving something much more grounded, practical and temperamental its place. Bohees – on the other hand – hasn’t been altered in any way, the Memory Lapse spell having bounced right off of him (let’s say he rolled a 20 on his Will Save, whereas Valcina found something even lower than a 1). That being said, his attention span has always been unbelievably poor, so what knowledge he has retained is pretty limited, and he’s not particularly predisposed to sharing it, anyway, just because it never really occurs to him.

STATUS: Alive and “well”


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