Chapter 2: Unfolding Pages

The Return

The party crash-landed in Lake Sulosia just outside the main city under the watchful gaze of the city guard. They were quickly fished out and brought to Lady Korax’s estate thanks to Ceracia, where they were given accomodations and supplies.

There, they are given leave to request magical items from the sorcerer Agagrim, a very reluctant and uncouth man who ultimately does as asked. While there, Valcina takes this opportunity to see if she can’t get her memory back, and so, while in possession of the Dark Blade that causes insane popularity, she has her mind scanned and probed by the old sorcerer.

The next day, the party awakens to find the magical items as they requested them. However, what awakens them is the noise of a tower collapsing, and they soon learn that Agagrim, who was residing in Green Briar all this time, has died and his tower has collapsed. Shaken but not deterred, Lady Korax hires the party to go to the monastery of Desormonom to retrieve a book that may have something to do with the castle that was found in the moutains.

The party gathers the remainder of its needed supplies and heads for the college of the mages where they teleport to Green Briar, shaving two days off their journey.

A Grave Matter

Between the monastery and Green Briar lies the town of Rain Vale, through which the party travels. It is a dark and stormy night, however, and it is only when the carriages are halted halfway through town that the party realizes the place is overrun with undead. The horses are either killed or spooked, leaving the heroes stranded and forced to fight their way out.

And fight they do! They take to the slick and dangerous rooftops, using distractions and brute strength to make their way through to the edge of town. They manage to break free of the town and make the rest of the journey to Desormonom on foot.

Out of nowhere and for no discernible reason, Rexar is suddenly grabbed by the upper torso of a grey-skinned woman who disappears with him as suddenly and inexplicably as she appeared. The party does not break stride.

A Monastery Interrupted

They reach the monastery to find it has become the site for the refugees of Rain Vale. The area is ill-suited to house so many, and the head Abbott has forbidden anyone from staying within the monastery itself. Instead, people are housed on the grounds and in the adjoining buildings.

The party members decide to make themselves useful while waiting for a meeting with the Abbott. Aleksei helps with gardening to provide food while Octavian helps with the healers and the healing of the wounded and Valcina scouts with Bohees.

Eventually, they meet with the Abbott and learn that the book they requested was stolen by bandits. As a sort of mixed blessing, the bandits tried to escape from the monastery’s catacombs and never re-emerged, so the book is likely still down there. Taking Jamieson as their guide as far as the entrance to the catacombs, they head down.

They find that the floor of the monastery catacomb entrance has a massive rune on it not unlike the one they found in the castle up north. Pressing on, they convince Jamieson to come adventure with them beneath the catacombs. It turns out badly, and they find themselves forced to decapitate him when a wight turns him into a monster.

Again, without breaking stride, they reach the final vault of the catacombs where the bandits remain still — as statues. Octavian is the first to discover the cause of this, a discovery which costs him his life: a basilisk roams the vault. After a brief struggle, the rest of the party manages to slay the beast and return with the statues of Octavian and the bandit that had the book.

As they return to the surface, however, they realize the undead from Rain Vale have mobilized and are attacking. What’s worse, there’s been a sighting of Southland orcs moving up the coast towards them. Taking a carriage, they charge off into the undead with the goal of slaying the five that apparently control the columns of undead.

They slay two of the five creatures before beating a hasty retreat back to the monastery. Though the other three monsters are still controlling some of the undead, the death of the other two is enough to provide everyone with a safe exit. Abandoning the monastery, the refugees head north while the party heads northeast, to the city of Bren.

The State Of Affairs

They reach Bren to find it in a strange state of martial law. There are guards everywhere, readying for war, but the houses and homes appear abandoned and empty. They meet the captain of the guard who requests their presence at the church of Aedon, but through disagreements, they end up fighting. The fighting stops when the combatants reach an uneasy truce.

Meanwhile, Nuna and Tosser get themselves thrown in the dungeons where Nuna discovers that Lord Rogrim, their competitor from earlier, is also a captive. He informs Nuna that the head priest has usurped his position and has been kidnapping people and locking them in the church. When he tried to resist, he was thrown in here.

Nuna frees them both and he tells her to inform the captain of the guard that he has been freed. They and the party end up in the slums of Bren, where they meet the Queen of Bones, a blind elvish oracle. From the slums, they plan to retake power from the priest and a revolt breaks out. In the fighting, the party manages to fight their way into the church to find that the basement has been transformed into something akin to a vampire factory. The townspeople are all being turned into vampires.

Fire ensues, just as a man in shiny armor, backed by worg-riding elves, arrives in town and charges in. The party grabs some boats and heads down river, only to be split by the current.


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